• Kaliya: Has demonstrated reselience in speaking for the voiceless

    Kaliya stands out from the crowd

    Jul 27, 14 • Soul • Written by : No Comments

    There are many societies in the world that show engrained cultural resistance to social changes such as gender equality through access to leadership roles, equal pay for equal jobs and balance of...

  • Lunguzi: We will work with the govt

    Women need skills, not favours

    Jul 5, 14 • Soul • Written by : No Comments

    Analysing the outcome of the May elections, it is clear that selling off candidates as women may not move the mind of a voter who, apparently, prefers an issue-based campaign rather than gender. Two...

  • Keeping love and thrill alive in marriage

    Jun 15, 14 • Soul • Written by : No Comments

    Often, women think their husbands loved them more before marriage. They tend to miss the holding of hands in the streets or the one drink, two straws outing scenarios. They reflect on times when...

  • Cyber partners replacing humans

    Jun 1, 14 • Soul • Written by : Comments Off

    Healthy sexuality is a pleasurable act and normal part of life experience for most adults. However, for sexual addicts this behaviour can be defined as compulsive and hidden. Unlike healthy sexual...

  • People can be curious about multi-racial children

    When mummy is assumed nanny

    Apr 27, 14 • Soul • Written by : Comments Off

    Maltiracial families have become more prominent but they are not new. Parenting biracial children presents specific challenges. The prejudices are still alive and well. It takes a lot of work to...

  • Dealing with obnoxious bosses

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    —Continued from last week Being upset over every little thing your boss does won’t help improve your work satisfaction. You will live in hatred for most of your waking, even sleeping hours. You...

  • Are maids burdened with chores?

    Maids and their roles in raising children

    Apr 6, 14 • Soul • Written by : Comments Off

    A study throws light on dangers of unqualified nannies and maids raising children. A study by Rayeesa Absal in an Ethiopian Gulf Newspaper shows that there has been a huge trend of housemaids and...

  • Untamed anger turns criminal

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    We hear about crimes of passion all the time. A man walks in on his wife and her lover then shoots them both in the head for their transgressions. This is caused mostly by anger. A crime of passion...

  • Dealing with sibling rivalry

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    Sibling rivalry is a normal part of growing up. All children need love and attention from their parents and parents need to reassure their children that they love each of them. Even when parents do...

  • Parents are the biggest influence in teens’ lives

    Time to talk about sex

    Mar 16, 14 • Soul • Written by : Comments Off

    Culturally, sexual communication to children is left to aunts, uncles or initiation counselors. Parents rarely engage in such talks as it is regarded as taboo. In urban settings, where initiation...