• Breast cancer survivors (seated below banner) addressing the crowd

    Think Pink campaign pictorial

    Oct 26, 14 • Soul • Written by : 1 Comment

    Former Miss Malawi and breast cancer survivor Blandina Khondowe, alongside her friends organised an awareness campaign for the disease. The campaign started with a walk From Parliament building to...

  • Children in the middle

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    Divorce and separation are a common phenomenon these days. We hear and read of divorce cases in magazines and newspapers; we are now becoming accustomed to this. The question is why do so many...

  • Bitterness hinders betterment

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    Forgiveness is a process of letting go of the past and opening to the future— reclaiming energy from events we do not need in our lives—and accepting ourselves fully. It is a decision to let go...

  • A demonstration of stove making

    Energy saver stoves to reduce pneumonia

    Sep 28, 14 • Soul • Written by : Comments Off

    Wood smoke from cooking fires poses a number of health risks for women across the world. Pneumonia is one of the critical diseases that affects women from Traditional Authority (T/A) N’kula in...

  • Good beat, appropriate song at weddings

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    Engagement and wedding ceremonies are a celebration of a union and are culturally symbolic; and full of meaning, not only to the two ‘love birds’ ,but also for the society at large. Showing up at...

  • Chinguma children have no hope of education

    ‘Who will inspire Chinguma girls’?

    Aug 31, 14 • Soul • Written by : Comments Off

    Group village head (GVH) Malewa of Chinguma in Traditional Authority (T/A) N’kumbira, Zomba wonders if his community will produce influential women such as former president Joyce Banda, Justice...

  • African women spent K451billion on hair last year

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    Looking good for women has no compromise. Once a woman decides to look her best, prices do not matter and often, nothing sways them differently. Hair pieces, weavers, extension and wigs are...

  • Looking good is not just about a great figure

    Creating a niche through dressing

    Aug 3, 14 • Soul • Written by : Comments Off

    Your appearance speaks volume. Clothing affects first impressions people have of you. The way you dress is the way you are addressed. Often, before you shake hands with anyone, you check out their...

  • Kaliya: Has demonstrated reselience in speaking for the voiceless

    Kaliya stands out from the crowd

    Jul 27, 14 • Soul • Written by : Comments Off

    There are many societies in the world that show engrained cultural resistance to social changes such as gender equality through access to leadership roles, equal pay for equal jobs and balance of...

  • Lunguzi: Private sector should help

    Women need skills, not favours

    Jul 5, 14 • Soul • Written by : Comments Off

    Analysing the outcome of the May elections, it is clear that selling off candidates as women may not move the mind of a voter who, apparently, prefers an issue-based campaign rather than gender. Two...