Shemu Joyah’s movie impresses fans


Shemu Joyah’s award-winning movie Road to sunrise received a warm welcome in Blantyre on Saturday at its premiere at Robin’s park where crowds thronged the auditorium.

At around 5pm, there was only Joyah and a few men working on the stage in the auditorium but come 6pm, cars started coming. From them embarked ladies who dressed immaculately, and men in impressive attire that added glamour to the occasion.

Part of the audience

However, despite people’s punctuality there were delays in starting the screening.

“I would like to apologise for the delay in screening. There was a technical problem and we had to rectify it,” said Joyah in the end.

The doors were opened at 7.45pm and at 8pm the screening started only to be interrupted by power blackout. It resumed after a five-minute break after power was restored using generators.

However, no longer had the film run for ten minutes than fans started clapping hands of satisfaction. It was like that for many scenes in the film till the end. Although the film is long as Joyah had warned, the mood in the hall was cheerful and fans followed it with keen interest.

One fan from Manja Township in Blantyre, Rejoice Kamaliza, 39, expressed joy and satisfaction at the movie saying her coming was not in vain.

“I came here because Joyah has talent to produce quality movies and he also works with great talent. n

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