Stop this ‘blood sucking’ nonsense

Malawi, a country so superstitious that almost anything and everything is thought of in terms of witchcraft and other mysterious occurrences, is again making news for the unfounded “blood sucking” rumours.

Because of these baseless rumours, six people have lost their lives for being suspected to be ‘blood suckers’.

The rumours are rife in Mulanje, Chiradzulu, Thyolo and Zomba districts. Any new face and sound of a car is now a target.

In an ideal world, one would expect the President to make a public condemnation of these barbaric acts and deploy enough security to stop the attacks. One would expect government to use all its power to enforce order in the areas where these attacks are happening. This should have been done even without any loss of life.

I, for one, expected that this is the right time for the ministry responsible for civic education to educate Malawians on some of these unfounded myths and superstitions that do harm than good to our country.

The inaction from the President and government is nauseating and distressing. It looks like the President doesn’t care at all that people are dying and business has been halted in the areas where the rumours are rife. Life has come to a stand-still.

Instead of addressing the issue and assuring Malawians of government’s protection, Henry Mussa, Minister of Tourism and Nicholas Dausi, Minister of Information had the guts to tell Malawians that they suspect the opposition to be the ones originating the “blood sucking” rumours.

This is a total failure on the part of the President and government. Dausi and Mussa could have done better than pointing fingers at people and institutions that would not ordinarily have the powers to deploy security.

Blaming the opposition and civil society organisations (CSOs) will not help bring sanity in the areas where the barbaric acts are taking place. Decisive decision from the President and government is what was needed like yesterday. Where is the President when he is needed? This tendency of hiding and hoping problems will just vanish has to stop.

As for the media, we will not sit still while you do nothing. We will write these negative stories for all to see and hear. The positive stories will not come by themselves, you Mr. President, must make them, maybe then we will have no reason not to write them. Otherwise, as it is, the stories that are negatively impacting the lives of Malawians such as these “blood sucking” rumours will continue to attract the attention of the media.

You, Mr. President have the powers to stop this ‘blood sucking nonsense’. But your idleness and laid back approach is exacerbating the situation.

Act now and save innocent people’s lives, and restore order.

By keeping quiet, you are indirectly endorsing what is happening. This is the time for you to rise up to the occasion and stamp your authority in bringing sanity and order.

The people perpetrating these rumours need information and knowledge to parry away their unfounded beliefs and superstitions.

You, Mr. President can stop this “blood sucking” nonsense and you must.n

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  1. This is one of the very few articles that calls it as it is: a baseless rumour, rooted in superstition. Lots of “educated” Malawians believe there is some truth to these “bloodsucking” stories. Mxii! Uchindere.

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