The walk that takes women leaders places

As part of the International Women’s Day commemoration on March 8, Women’s Leadership Footprint holds a mentoring walk in the country targeting women leaders.

Women’s Leadership Footprint is a local professional coaching entity, with Tamala Chirwa as chief executive officer.

Chirwa: We aim to elevate women leaders

According to Chirwa, the Global Mentoring Walk convenes established women leaders and emerging ones to walk together in their communities while discussing their professional challenges and successes.

She says the aim is to establish a mentoring relationship in which the established leader guides, advises and supports an emerging one.

“We value the mentors’ and mentees’ participation and we are grateful for women’s willingness to be part of a global movement, an effort to increase the leadership opportunities of future generations of women.

“The group size is deliberately small (about 50) to allow for intimate and in-depth conversations. We strive for the formation of meaningful relationships,” said Chirwa.

She adds: “The Global Mentoring Walk is an opportunity to highlight the importance of women’s leadership and accelerate the impact of women leaders through mentoring. Surveys show that individuals who have been mentored are 59 percent more likely to pay it forward in the same fashion. In fact, women are more likely to mentor others-when compared to men, 65 percent of female mentees continue the cycle.”

Chirwa, an associate certified coach (ACF) recognised by the International Coach Federation ((ICF) also said they recognise that women face unique challenges on their path to leadership and that they are committed to helping aspiring women succeed.

She observes that mentoring is proven to be an important step to a successful career as it opens doors to new networks, collaboration, and opportunities.

The concept for the walk was derived from an American media icon, founder and former CEO of Oxygen Media, Geraldine Laybourne who launched mentoring walks to empower young women professionals in New York City and across the United States.

Women’s Leadership Footprint was founded as a coaching practice in 2014 to support professional women and to enhance their leadership capabilities to become more effective and impactful in their roles.

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