There’s garbage everywhere

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and its president Peter Mutharika were in the Northern Region to carry out ‘developmental’ activities.

As it has become a norm, during these developmental events and rallies, party bigwigs take turns to throw shade at the opposition and other government critics. Watching them belittle and dismiss those with dissenting views often takes the form of an organised choreography.

The DPP secretary general Griezeder Jeffrey has become famous for her uncouthness and her good stock of insulting vocabulary she often has in no short supply. She has become the DPP’s lethal weapon used at the opposition and government critics. This is a woman who once said the Northern Region will never produce a president unless Jesus comes again. I totally get it that she is free to express herself the best way she knows, but my issue with her is her lack of decorum and the overzealousness to please her master, Mutharika.

In the north, it is reported that the DPP bigwigs, Jeffrey, Goodall Gondwe and Kenneth Sanga took turns castigating the opposition and dismissing it as mere noise makers with nothing to offer.

They dismissed Alliance for Democracy and former vice-president Khumbo Kachali’s yet to be launched Freedom Party. DPP has of late been quite busy poking its nose in the affairs of other political parties. Meanwhile, more garbage remains in the DPP party unchecked.

I feel the noise makers here are the likes of Jeffrey. There is a lot of mess that the DPP and its leader should be working hard to fix. As far as I am concerned, the opposition is not one of the ‘garbage’ that is contributing to the bad odour in the country.

I know some will say that Jeffrey is an ‘empowered woman’. I am sorry to say that I don’t think what she does when she holds the microphone has got anything to do with woman empowerment neither does it shows giving women a voice. Her behaviour, I feel, gives a few good women a bad name. She needs to sober up in her speeches and she will see that the garbage she is talking about, is also available in her own backyard, DPP. n


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