UNFPA rolls out a national condomise campaign

September 26, 2013 • National News • Written by :

Condoms use reduces HIV transmission

Condoms use reduces HIV transmission

United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA) has rolledout a national condomise campaign to increase condom use among the youth in the country.

The campaign wants to end stigma, increase access of condoms, educate the youth on correct use of condoms and negotiate with them to use condoms consistently.

Speaking during the three-day Condomise! Malawi Campaign orientation workshop for journalists in Mzuzu on Wednesday, UNFPA Malawi assistant representative Dorothy Nyasulu said condoms are a sure method of protecting oneself from HIV infections and early or unplanned pregnancies.

She said the HIV prevalence rate for adolescents and young people in the country is at 6.4 percent due to low use of condoms.

“The condomise campaign, which we are embarking on today, is therefore timely and worthwhile as it is aimed at increasing condom use among the young people and ultimately reducing unplanned pregnancies and HIV infections,” she said.

Female condoms

Female condoms

The principal secretary in the Ministry of Youth Justin Saidi said the campaign is part of the ministry’s strategies to make sure the youth live a healthy life.

Condomise! is a joint programme of the UNPFA and The Condom Project in partnership with UNaids and the Condom Inter-Agency Task Team.

Malawi is the first UNFPA country to rollout the campaign which will be spearheaded by the Ministry of Youth.

The campaign targets tertiary institutions.

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