Urban artists celebrate Christmas with orphans


In the spirit of sharing, a group of artists from Chilobwe Township in Blantyre on Monday, which was Christmas Day, donated various food items to an orphanage in the township called Genesis Manja Othandiza (Gemo).

Leader of the group of artists, hip hop Christian rapper Suffix said he initiated the move after realising that having grown up in Chilobwe, he needed to do something to give back to the community that helped raise him.

Suffix interacting with some of the kids at Gemo

“I grew up in Chilobwe and I grew as an artist. I realised I needed to find a way of giving back and Gemo came to mind,” he said.

Suffix said the orphanage has at least 50 children but the centre is currently struggling financially since the donor from USA pulled out.

“I approached the lady running the centre a Mrs Mauluka that as artists, we were willing to help and she accepted,” he said.

Suffix said he approached fellow artists like Stich Fray, ‘Sir’ Patricks and Surgent and they organised a show with the help of model Peggy Mwanguku.

“We, therefore, have used the money realised from the show to buy foodstuffs such as sugar, squash and cooking oil.

Artist ‘Sir’ Patricks said as a young man who grew up in Chilobwe, he felt duty-bound to help.

“As artists, we need to do more to help the less privileged in society. I am glad to be part of this team,” he said.

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