Water shortage in Lilongwe hits industry—MCCCI

Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) has decried the effect of water shortage, particularly in the Central Region, saying many businesses are being affected.

MCCCI president Karl Chokotho said in an interview yesterday their members in the manufacturing and food industry have been hit the hardest, adding that the development is not conducive for business growth.

Some of the residents that went to draw water at Madzi House
Some of the residents that went to draw water at Madzi House

He said: “Our members have been complaining about water shortage and we feel this is not good for business. Of course, we know weather shocks are to blame for the situation but we wish there could be a better way water boards could have dealt with the situation.

“You need water and electricity if manufacturing is to take place. Water is always necessary for production purposes.”

Recently, Central Region Water Board (CRWB) and Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) admitted that they are failing to adequately supply water in the region due to erratic rains last year.

LWB chief executive officer Alfonso Chikuni told a press briefing in Lilongwe mid this year that they have cut output by 50 percent due to water shortage at its reservoir at Kamuzu Dam.

CRWB spokesperson Zephelino Mitumba is on record as having said that they are also pondering on making adjustments to the board’s water pumping operations to mitigate the effects of low water levels in their reservoirs.

Some restaurant operators interviewed indicated that they have been failing to manage their operations due to the water shortage, a situation they said has resulted in reduced production and revenue.

According to the MCCCI Business Climate Survey 2015 Report, water shortage remains one of the barriers to doing business in Malawi.

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