When thalasinas come to land, perch

There is always a time when even a hardworking seemingly indefatigable charcoal man must sit down and rest against a tree and doze off. There is always a time when a hardworking and seemingly tireless caring mother must sit down, pluck the breast out of her lactating child, rest against a mud wall and doze off. There is always a time when an apparently wise chief must sit down, consult his counsellors on the way forward. Once in a long while.

Much as thalasina butterflies will fly long distances and form indecipherable shapes decorating the skies, they must come one day and perch, giving the lucky tree a bright new colour and a blessing.

Our tribal sages from Utonga and the Republic of the Lower States showed us a sign two seasons ago and foretold the day, the time, and the place where the thalasinas will perch. It is a once in century event.

Professor Abiti Joyce Befu, MG 66 and MEGA-1; Alhajj Mufti Jean-LePoisson, SC (RTD); Nganga Maigwaigwa, PSC (RTD); and Mzee Mandela, the Most Paramount Native Authority (MPNA),  and I, the Mohashoi, are here in BCA Hills, Limbe, Blantyre to witness the predicted flypast and perching of the fluttering thalasinas.

Some witnesses have travelled long distances. They have travelled from Chinguwa, Unyemba, Msuli, Thowolu, Chendera, Chivumu, and Benga. Others have come from nearby places. The purpose is the same, to watch the thalasinas land and perch.

They are all here to witness your landing and perching. Your mum, dad, uncles, aunties, grannies, grandpas, cousins, nieces, sisters, and bothers are all here to give you the rousing landing.

So, smile girl for this is your day.  People are here to see those shinny teeth. Flutter in your wedding dress and show them what distinguishes thalasinas from common butterflies. Walk determinedly and slowly. People are here to see the hemline of your dress and screen of your veil.

Walk in your stilettoes and show the world that high heels are for the tall and confident thalasinas.  Kneel before your Holy pastor, take the vow and confidently get the full blessing.

With confidence put that ring on his finger to cement your lifetime relationship.  Then wait for the ululation and applause.

The Kaipas will ululate and wake up the people of the Republic of Lower Shire.  The Kaitanos will applaud and their applause will echoes among the people of Thyolo.  The people of Utonga will smile and ululate waking up the spirit of Chinguwa and Ulandawiza.  They will ululate, for from this day a new ambassadorial relationship among the Tonga, Lhomwe and Sena has been established.

Go yee and live happily and peacefully man for these are the foundations of a fruitful and progressive family. They say behind every successful there is a woman because men often get good advice from their spouses. But don’t believe them.

Don’t believe them at all because women don’t have to be behind anybody.  Our sages, of whom many are here, say success is bestowed on united and hard-working families.  Experience taught them.

Those who plan together succeed together. Those who save, invest in the future of their children and their own. There is no other magic. Those who accept that by marrying, they have attained adulthood and independence succeed.

External advice is good. At times.  But take every piece of advice seriously for our Chewa and Tonga sages already warned, respectively; “Banja ndi anthu awiri, wachitatu ndi kapasule” or “nthengwa mbanthu wawi.  You are the best advisors and teachers of each other.

Congratulations Sandram Kaipah, for on your shoulders the thalasinas have landed and perched.  Congratulations Mr and Mrs Kaipah.

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