Why can’t the minister resign for plunder in councils?

Judge Mbadwa,

It is not the hypnotising departure of Sauli Cloud from the People’s Demagogic Party (PDP) that has forced me to write you, My Lord, because it was predictable from recent turn of events that the band would eventually disband.

My Lord, those who say water and oil cannot mix were not far from the truth when you consider the Sauli-Mapuya marriage of convenience. It was a match made in hell.

Well, in his parting shot, Sauli decried that “corruption is worsening and with it comes the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor”.

So, Sauli was so angry seeing the yawning gap between the poor and the rich increasing while still married to Mapuya that he decided to jump ship.

He couldn’t stomach it any longer and to preserve some modicum of integrity, he decided to annul the marriage.

Now contrast this Sauli to what Sangalalani Nakondwa, the minister of Local Government and Rural development in the Mapuya administration, just told Nyasas.

Under his watch, as he told the local media, corruption and abuse of funds in local councils has soared.

Nakondwa even catalogued areas where the abuse is rampant in councils, citing sectoral funds and trustees accounts, among others.

My Lord, I expected Nakondwa, like Chilima, to be irked with the saturation of misdeeds in his ministry and say something like, “there comes a time in everyone’s life when one has to bid farewell to personal comfort for the benefit of his compatriots. It is a decision that our forefathers made as I have already said. It is a decision that I have made.

“Because I have failed to tame corruption and abuse in the Ministry of Local Government, it means I have not honestly executed my job. In short I have failed; hence I hereby tender my resignation as minister”.

But what does Nakondwa do instead My Lord?  Like a bad carpenter who likes to blame his tool, the dear good minister attributes the mess in his ministry to lack of capacity.

My Lord, if the minister and his legion in the ministry lack capacity to run it to the extent that they are overseeing corruption and abuse of funds, what justification does he have to still remain in office?

You know My Lord, my rudiment understanding of the law tells me something just doesn’t add up;hence, I need your help on how I can legally force Nakondwa  to resign.

I know the minister took oath of office and that he is responsible to the President, but I don’t see Mapuya firing Nakondwa for his incompetence otherwise Sauli would not have reached the point of leaving the blue camp if Mapuya really cared about rooting out the vices rocking the country.

My Lord, I know that by supervising corruption, Nakondwa has failed to take responsibility for the implementation and administration of laws in accordance with the Constitution.

Doesn’t you tribunal have overriding powers that you can fire him on behalf of the President? Advise me My Lord on the best legal action I can take against him and other ministers who are overseeing abuse.

I hope I will not be committing a crime by writing such a letter to you the honourable Judge.

Waiting for a clear legal direction.


Nzika Yokhoma Msonkho



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