Women gear up for victory

The global phenomenon of Woman Thou Art Loosed (WTAL) began as a curriculum taught to ladies by preacher T.D. Jakes, to encourage them to become extraordinary women of purpose. It has become a successful conference bringing together women from all over the world for more than 10 years. WTAL has been and will always be—about ladies! (megafest.org)

There are many such conferences across the world and Malawi has not been spared. Fountain of Victory International Ministries is one such ministry that has been holding conferences targeting ladies. The idea of such conferences was born in 2002. It was a vision given by God to Apostle Joseph Ziba who later committed it to his wife, Pastor Priscilla Ziba.

Some of the patrons rejoicing at  a previous conference
Some of the patrons rejoicing at a previous conference

The ladies’ conference, now dubbed Victorious Ladies Conference, is a platform for ladies of all categories—the young, the middle aged; and the old— according to Fountain of Victory director of media, Atupele Mangochi.

“The purpose was to gather every woman and enable her to receive her portion from God. Sometimes God has a specific message for women, so this was a conference where we knew the dream of every woman would be fulfilled, their gifts fully manifested, and their calls realised,” says Mangochi.

She adds that the idea of the conference is to raise a generation of ladies that are victorious; ladies who are no longer concerned about issues, but are tackling the bigger things in life, including careers, healthy families and the pursuit of destiny.

“In the word we shall share, we want there to be activation of restoration, healing, fulfilment and, of course, for it to cause a new hunger and passion in the woman for God. We spend too much time worrying as women and most times we go to conference after conference with the same issues instead of being elevated to a new level and new challenges. So, this time around, we are saying no more issues! Victory in all areas of a lady’s life is what we want. “Notice we are using the word ‘lady’ and not ‘woman’, this is because this is for every female whether young or old. We want that which God has planted in the female to be activated and to manifest,” she adds.

Mangochi says in previous conferences, many ladies were impacted by the word. She says a spirit of dominance was imparted on them, as a result of which careers were born, goals achieved and many other testimonies.

“Some ladies received fruit of the womb, others walked, cancer was healed, hearts were healed and understanding of what a lady means to the society was born. Many miracles take place at these events. What we have held in the past five years will not be the same as what we will hold in these coming five years. We are growing,” she says.

Tisaiwale Khomba is one of the longest serving members of Fountain of Victory International Ministries and she says the ladies’ conference has always made a huge impact on her life.

“I have been attending these conferences for a number of years, and I have grown in my spiritual life every year. Those that have been attending these conferences can attest that every year we receive a new word that turns our lives around.

“This year, I am expecting birthing of spiritual things in my life. I am expecting to receive an elevation in all areas of my life. I am expecting to see God’s power expressed in signs, miracles and wonders,” says Khomba.

She adds that she has found her destiny in the ladies’ conferences.

“I am sure I am moving to another level in this upcoming one,” she says.

The ministry’s media director also says women can expect many things at this year’s conference that will be held on August 5 and 6, at Victoria Gardens in Blantyre.

“It is like a door opened and we went into many surprises. We have prepared for it like never before.  The programme line-up is a surprise and we just want the ladies to have fun and know that they are victorious. We have moved everything up,” she says.

Mangochi notes that the one thing killing our women today is lack of self-esteem and the inability to believe that they are more than what society has said they should be.

“A woman was created in the image of God, male and female He created them, in His image, meaning that you have dominion, power, and you can change things around.

“We need a lady in this land that can stand up for her fellow women, a lady that respects her body, a woman that says ‘enough is enough,” says Mangochi. n


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