Apam demands security for learners in Karonga

Association of People with Albinism (Apam) has asked police to start guarding Nyungwe Resource Centre in Karonga to protect six learners with albinism.

Ndovi:Children need security

Speaking on Thursday during a campaign against attacks on people with albinism in Karonga where an 18-month-old baby with albinism, Eunice Nkhonjera, was abducted,  Apam representative Christopher Ndovi said without proper security at Nyungwe Resource Centre, lives of the six are at risk.

He said it is the duty of police to provide security for the children.

Ndovi said the police promised to provide security in schools where there are children with albinism and Apam expects the children at Nyungwe to be protected.

He said all schools that have learners with albinism need to be guarded by police as is the case with Ekwendeni School for the Blind in Mzimba.

“There is a police unit at Nyungwe, but the resource centre does not have proper security. That is why I am urging the commissioner of police to look into the security of the children,” said Ndovi.

In reaction, Northern Region Commissioner of Police Hannings Mlotha promised to look into the matter. He said the police will arrange that officers start guarding the school to protect the children.

“We have the capacity to provide security in all areas that need it. In schools where there are children with albinism, we will work out to ensure that they are protected,” he said.

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