Artists decry attacks of people with albinism

As the country is grappling with the spate of killings of persons with albinism (PWAs), art players in the country have also stood up against the atrocities.

Using their platform and prominence, several artists have denounced the growing tendency which has gathered fresh momentum in the last three months with numerous cases of killings, abductions and attempted abductions reported.

Anjiru: We are saddened and upset

During a show on Sunday evening at M1 Centre Point in Lilongwe, Black Missionaries front man Anjiru Fumulani said PWAs are like any other person and they have a right to live.

He said: “As a band, we are saddened and upset with continued reports of attacks on persons with albinism. We will not relent in our fight against these heinous acts. We will amplify our voices against it until this space becomes safe for everyone.”

Not long ago, Anglican Gospel Champions released a song, Nawonso Ndi Anthu, which, featuring gospel artist Allan Chirwa and poet Robert Chiwamba, sternly speaks against the social ill which they say has no space in the modern society.

“Musangowaona chonchi/ Kuwasiya akuphedwa/ Anzathu achilubinowa/ Nawonso ndi anthu/ Nawonso ndi anthu,” goes a part of the song which has over 50 000 views on YouTube to date.

Commenting on the production, Chirwa said as gospel artists, their duty is to preach about love which forbids anyone to go around taking away lives of other people.

Chiwamba said it is very important for artists to speak and advocate for issues that are affecting society since every artist is a member of a society first.

“The issue of killings of persons with albinism has affected our friends who follow our art, those who buy our CDs and even support us in one way or the other. It is, therefore, our responsibility to join the fight against the vice,” he said. n

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