Atoht Manje drops Munthu


The positive response that his previous songs Che Patuma, Tizipepeseko and Kunong’a received have inspired artist Atoht Manje to cement his position as the country’s renowned artist by releasing Munthu.

This is another vernacular song produced by Moses Shumba at Moshu Records in Lilongwe.

In an interview on Wednesday, Atoht Manje, born Elias Missi, a once celebrated dancehall artist, said he wants to continue appealing to the public.

Atoht Manje: I am a local artist

“Now I am a local {music} artist,” he declared: “It is about making Malawians happy to dance to own beats and languages. Their overwhelming support on these three hits has coerced me to settle with local touch not dancehall.”

The artist said for the sake of exciting dancehall spirits in his urban fans, he will do two dancehall tunes in his upcoming album.

Commenting on the latest single which says one’s deeds cannot please everybody, Atoht said the song encourages people to cherish their choices.

“Others have issues with an ice-cream seller because of quantity. It is not a crime to lose friends, but not wise and healthy to lose yourself trying to please everyone. I have raised real life issues that challenge Malawians to be themselves at times,” said the artist who takes pride in being Yao.

The song, which is available on website, has been acclaimed for its lyrical content and danceable gule wamkulu and kalindula beats.

One of Atoht’s fans, Mosey Modya, wrote on his Facebook page: “The song is nice, big man! You are saying the truth. It is impossible to please people.”

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