Becoming a high performer

Many people want to shine at work, but they lack the tools and techniques that they can use to do so. Today, we will dwell on how YOU can become a high potential.

1. Hunger for Success

High potential and fast driven people have big hunger for success. What matters most in their lives is success and for them, all roads lead to and must end at success and nothing else. They think success, drink success, dress success and walk success! Those who never hunger for big success can only rarely achieve some success by luck or accident but even when this occurs, it does not sustain and does not recur.

2. Hatred for failure

Complimenting their hunger for success, highly driven people hate failure. In their life, such people do not want to believe that they can fail. What they hate most is to be told that they will fail because they believe in success and they believe that they will do well. This attitude helps high performers to plough through even in the face of challenges and show stoppers. Hate failure and success will love.

3. Hard and Smart Working

You cannot become a high performer and highly driven unless you work really hard. Hard working is a fundamental attribute for becoming a high performer. Through hard work, you will be able to achieve a lot more than those who do not really work hard. You may have good ideas and may love success and hate failure but if you cannot work hard, you will not achieve much. But hard work alone is not adequate. You need a multiplier effect. By working hard in a smart fashion, you achieve more with less resources and in less time. Discover clever ways of doing things and then work hard on doing that – this is a guaranteed path to excellence.

4. Prompt

People who are driven in life usually work fast and are prompt in their approach to life. They have what Obama calls ‘the urgency of now’ and do not keep postponing action to tomorrow because they know that tomorrow never comes. When they get action, if it is doable immediately, they dispose of the action promptly and instantly. They make sure that every minute and every moment counts as far as action is concerned. They tend to also demand a sense of urgency from others, noting that their delivery depends on others too. They allow very little idle and waiting time in their life. Reflect on your time and identify things that slow you down. Make life transforming changes that make you efficient and instant.

5. Innovation

If you are to become a high performer, you need to learn how to become innovative. You need to continuously find clever ways of doing things better and faster. You need to continuously adopt effective and efficient ways of working. In addition, you need to continuously think of innovative ideas that your team, department or organisation can adopt in order to grow bigger or become better.

If you are to excel in your career, you need to be considered high potential and a high performer by the authorities above you. Such a goal is largely within your control domain – you can choose to become so and develop an action plan that enables you to become one without much problem. Today, we have looked at five of the main things that you can do to achieve such a goal. Do be there next week again when we will be looking at five more things that you can do to realise such a dream! Good luck as you rise and shine as a high performer!

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