Bikoko quits frontline politics

Mayor for Lilongwe City Council Desmond Bikoko says he has quit frontline politics but remains a DPP loyalist.

In an exclusive interview with Nation Online, Bikoko who on Thursday withdrew from DPP primaries in Zomba Malosa, said he will focus his energy on supporting DPP from the background without seeking any position. 

Has quit frontline politics but remains a DPP loyalist. : Bikoko

While admitting that he was frustrated by some party officials who favoured another candidate for Zomba Malosa, he was quick to say he still believes in the vision of President Peter Mutharika.

“I can tell you, President Peter Mutharika, is quite democratic and he has a good vision for this country but a few people surrounding him are destroying the party through manipulation of primaries,” he said.

Asked on whether he regrets quitting MCP for DPP, the youthful mayor insisted that he is still happy with the DPP and has no intention to quit.

“What some people are doing in the party is divisive. They should have allowed primaries to take place in a fair manner. This may split the vote. In the interest of unity, I have dropped all intentions to compete for any political position. It’s not about position but being loyal to the cause. I, for one, will do my part that DPP wins the presidency,” he said.

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