Blown off school block affects 400 pupils

About 400 pupils at  Njoka Primary School  in Mzimba  are learning under a tree after a windstorm blew off the roof of their classroom block three months ago.

The school, which is in Manyamula Zone, is yet to be renovated; hence, the call for well-wishers to help.

What remained of Njoka Primary School after the storm

In an interview on Sunday, the school’s deputy head teacher Peter Shumba said the situation is worrisome because the school already lacks enough classrooms to accommodate about 900 learners.

He said: “The damage has affected us a lot. Our learners are struggling. We have three school blocks and with this one out, it means we are remaining with two which makes it impossible to accommodate learners from Standard One to Eight.

“As of now, four classes are conducted under a tree, which is life-threatening to the learners. We call for well-wishers to help us renovate the block.”

Mzimba Solola independent parliamentary candidate Precious Chisi, who visited the school on Sunday, said such cases need to be treated with urgency.

“The situation here is pathetic because we are doing injustice to our little children and to education standards as well. Children cannot learn well under a tree,” he said, pledging to renovate the block himself.

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