Candidates trade barbs in debate

A debate organised by National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Trust in Machinga Likwenu Constituency candidates has exposed bad blood between former legislator David Lally (United Democratic Front-UDF) and former councillor Mc Donald Makanjira.

During the debate in Liwonde on Saturday, Lally accused Makanjira of deliberately frustrating development activities when he was councillor to decampaign him as member of Parliament (MP).

Makanjira (L) and Lally during the debate

“I was working hard to ensure that constituents had income generating activities. I also used to initiate development projects, but instead of supporting the projects, he frustrated them because he was vying for my job,” he said.

But Makanjira hit back at Lally, accusing him of being detached from what was happening on the ground because he was living in Blantyre. He said he wanted to become an MP on independent ticket to push for funding for the projects that he could not do as councillor.

But Lally said a legislator can stay anywhere as long he or she is connected to the constituency.

Another hot issue during the debate was the alleged disappearance of K148 million for the stadium project. However, it was agreed that the issue should be investigated and culprits prosecuted.

Machinga Nice district civic education officer Bowlander Monjeza said his organisation arranged the debate to give a chance to the electorate to assess candidates to make informed choices.

Other aspirants who participated in the debate were Francis Nembo of UTM Party and independent Mercy Mgeni while Bright Msaka of Democratic Progressive Party, Charles Chindevu of Malawi Congress Party and independent Davie Ngulinga did not show up.

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