Careful who leads you!

I am not surprised by the already ugly pushing and shoving for the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) presidential race.
But not all candidates are as good as they want us to be fooled they are. It is in the nature of most candidates to aim at something else in a position other than serving people.
The campaign period is sweet and deceiving and every candidate acts caringly.  But give it some until you have a winner. True elements come out.
The leaders want people to stay sightless. And what such leaders hate is for the people to discover the boss’ ulterior motives.
Allow me a little digression:
In one ancient tale by Aesop, a hungry fox rejoices at the sight of a bunch of juicy looking grapes hanging from a vine. The fox knows it an answer to his empty grumbling stomach and he gives it a try at the grapes!
But when the fox fails several times to land the grapes, he gives up and insists that he dint want the grapes at all — and that they were sour anyway!
Back to our story:
Look at art associations, for example: you have leaders acting like the proverbial fox. They go for positions with an aim of siphoning the entities’ cash or any materials they can divert to own interests.
And when this ill-minded plan fails, or when the led wake up from slumber and come to question the abilities of the boss, it is not uncommon for the boss to throw tantrums and yell at the subjects.
The boss will tell how he or she was already satisfied with what they had before assuming such leadership.
For this week, look into one of the songs by the celebrated band, Lucky Stars:
Mungondimana mowa x2/Mbiyazi m’dakabwereka ndine kwa Make Ndamera/Kaamwani, Kaamwani, ndapita!
Ine, Ine m’dadziwa kale/Mowa omwa ndi usiku/Ndiwo udapha amayi pochoka kumowa/Kaamwani, Kaamwani, ndapita!
Had he had a share of the brew, would he have said derides the calabash?

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