Cheap liquor in plastics resurfaces

Barely seven months after the Malawi Government banned liquor spirits packed in sachets, untested cheap liquor in plastic bottles is still available on the market.


Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) director general Davlin Chokazinga, whose agency won the court case against liquor packed in sachets, said it was disappointing that some people are still selling liquor which is not approved by government.

In an interview this week, Chokazinga said: “I am surprised that people still produce, distribute and sell liquor which was banned, by the government. Not only the sachets were banned, but selling liquor packed in plastics is not allowed. Any person [found] selling such liquor is contravening the law.”

He appealed to the public to refrain from buying such liquor because its quality is not authenticated as it is not approved by MBS.

Chokazinga said MBS will investigate the matter and ensure that those behind the production are brought to book.

Commenting on the development, Jefferson Milanzi, president of Young Achievers for Development (YAD), said they will support the steps taken by authorities.

He said: “The sachets were banned to protect the youth, but others have thought of cheating the government by packing it in five-litre bottles but selling it so cheap at any quantity and amount.”

In February this year, the High Court gave MBS the go-ahead to enforce a ban of liquor packaged in sachets in the country.

The court ruled that such packaging was contrary to Malawi standards. n

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