Chechamba in Fostered Legacy reggae album

Fostered Legacy band has made inroads in endearing their offerings to the public—-this time featuring veteran pianist Wyndham Chechamba in their second album, Reggae Business.

Jazz player Chechamba, now in his 80s, has been a music teacher for many years since quitting live band tours.

According to Fostered Legacy band publicist Evans Chisama, the former MBC Band leader comes back to his singing ways in Umphawi and Chimbale to feature in the release that fuses salsa reggae, jazz and rock.

“Chechamba mainly plays the saxophone and brass on the two tracks, whereas another features artist Montfort Manyozo on the piano and organs on Chikondi Chozama and Holy Spirit,” said Chisama, a medical doctor who is studying music with the Royal College of London.

And the band, based in Chilomoni Township, Blantyre, has a diversity of talent in Chasama brothers—lawyer Peter and agricultural researcher Ben—and nephew Baruch, who is studying Arts at Chancellor College.

Among other things, Peter is a keen songwriter, who is down for jazz and blues; Ben a songwriter and guitarist down for reggae and Baruch a guitarist passionate for rock. On his part, the publicist is a drummer, bassist and producer.

Their varied tastes add a punch to their sophomore release, containing 11 tracks.

The songs include Dream Come True, If You Believe, Reggae Fun, Holy Spirit and Nkhaza.

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