Chief urges politicians to honour promises

Group village head Chaweza of Zomba has accused politicians of making promises which they do not fulfil after winning elections.

He made the accusation at St Paul’s Primary School in the district on Sunday during a debate National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Trust organised for Matiya Ward candidates.

Ready for debate: the candidates

In an interview, Chaweza said development will remain a far-fetched dream if politicians continue to play politics all the time.

 “I appeal to aspirants to stick to their manifestos. If they do not, their lies will haunt them in the next election. Unfulfilled promises disappoint voters,” he said.

Zomba Nice district civic education officer Albertina Zidana said some candidates do not know their roles which make them promise things beyond their capacity.

“It is important for aspirants to do some research first to understand their roles,” she said.

Blazio Chinthengah of Democratic Progressive Party, Angozo Patsani of Malawi Congress Party, Feston Mwandama of People’s Party, Gabriel Mankhanamba of United Democratic Front, Luciano Kumbani of UTM Party and independents Emmanuel Nazombe and Brighton Ntawanga participated in the debate. n

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