CIC calls youth to be responsible citizens

Christ-Citadel International Church (CIC) youth conference wound up on Sunday with a call to participants to be relevant, responsible citizens and God-fearing members of the church.

CIC general overseer Bishop Dr Joseph Ansah urged the youth to go out and put into practice what they learnt during the conference held at Lilongwe Girls Secondary School from December 15 to 18 2011.

The conference, among other things, discussed the challenges the youth face, their relevance in the end-times, how they can be spirit-minded and harness their energy for the kingdom of God.

Bishop Ansah said the work of the church can only be effective if the youth are equipped with the word of God.

The conference, held under the theme ‘Rise up great army’, drew participants from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ghana, South Africa, Botswana, USA and the UK.

CIC international youth coordinator Sadwick Mtonakutha-Mwale said the youth have genuine needs that are rarely noticed by church leaders and the meeting was held to address those needs.

“The youth are a resource, an asset, that make things to move. This is why we are holding the conference to mobilise them into a formidable force of God.

“The youth represent a generation of today and tomorrow, a church of today and tomorrow and a nation of today and tomorrow. As such, their energies have to be harnessed and redirected to constructive and not destructive things,” said Mtonakutha-Mwale.

Speakers during the conference were Bishop Dr Joseph Ansah and Reverend Dr Jane Ansah from Malawi, Reverend Dinga Mjojo from the UK, pastors Vincent Akosah and Terry Warren from the US, apostles Oduro and Buffour Agyare from Ghana.

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