Clergy, chiefs call for post-election peace

Some chiefs and members of the clergy in the North on Friday separately condemned the ongoing post-election protests by supporters of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

They have since pleaded with MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera to calm his supporters down, and wait for the courts, “where he has made petition praying for nullification of the polls”, work.

Speaking during a presser at Ilala Crest Lodge in Mzuzu, Northern Region Interfaith Organisation president Bishop Silent Mtambo said MCP supporters needed to calm down and wait for the outcome of the court issue.

He said they expected Chakwera, a reverend they respect sincerely, to appreciate the need for peace and follow procedures, especially in a volatile situation the country has found itself in.

“Why would supporters, for instance, go to Capital Hill? That’s the government’s heart and if you disrupt operations [there], what do you want? The case is in court, how difficult is it to wait for the outcome of the court?

“We are a people who love peace, already we have heard that some supporters have been shot at, and we don’t need this to continue. We plead with Reverend Chakwera; we reason with him to tell his supporters to calm down. We don’t need any more bloodshed,” said Mtambo.

Other members also queried Chakwera for stating that he was ready to shed blood to ensure that the elections were free, fair and credible.

In the afternoon, chiefs held a briefing at Grand Palace Hotel, where they also called on political leaders to tame their supporters.

The traditional leaders from Rumphi and Nkhata Bay included senior chiefs Mwankhunikira, Katumbi and Mwalweni and Fukamapiri, traditional authorities (T/As) Timbiri, Malanda and Zilakoma, sub-traditional authority (ST/A) Nyaluwanga and chief principal village head Kawazamawe.

Chairperson for the chiefs, Senior Chief Mwankhunikira, called for unity and tolerance, saying the ongoing electoral violence has far more reaching consequences in dividing the country.

“All these are our children. So, when your children fight, you need to be concerned. A parent is always proud when his/her children are in harmony. We understand the queries that MCP has, but will the queries be solved by going to the streets?”

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