Clubs embrace player medical cover

Super League of Malawi (Sulom) says it is happy that most flagship football league clubs have now embraced the mandatory players’ medical insurance.

Sulom general secretary (GS) Williams Banda said almost 80 percent of the clubs have insured their players.

Sulom general secretary (GS) Williams Banda

The player insurance scheme was introduced in 2015 when Sulom and the Medical Aid Society of Malawi (Masm) signed a special agreement under the Sulom group scheme and to cover up to a maximum of 30 individuals per team, but received a lukewarm response from the clubs for the past two years.

“It is pleasing to note that most of the teams have embraced the initiative. Last season there were only a few that had not done so due to financial constraints, but we are hoping that this coming season, all the teams will join the initiative,” said Banda.

Be Forward Wanderers veteran midfielder Joseph Kamwendo said it is encouraging that the teams have now embraced the initiative.

“Players are the clubs’ assets and need to be looked after in all aspects in case of eventualities such as injuries and ailments. In the past we have had instances whereby teams were turning a blind eye on injured players which was unfortunate,” he said.

The group scheme entails that a club can choose to cover players or the technical personnel as long as it does not exceed the maximum number of 30.

“The cover includes football related injuries sustained on the pitch among other ailments.

“The cover will be per year/season and the premiums will be paid as such. Each team will be required to pay K54 000 per month through Sulom,” reads part of a press statement that was released by Sulom upon signing the agreement.

“The cover is mandatory to all the teams participating in the Super League and we shall be grateful for your usual prompt action on the same,” the statement further reads.

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