Code of Conduct

The following is a guide to how advertising agencies will be expected to deal with Nation Publications Limited in their own capacity and on behalf of their clients.


  • All advertising agencies will qualify to be an agency for Nation Publications Limited
  • To qualify an advertising agency must
    – be registered with the registrar of companies
    – have a sound financial standing evidenced by a bank statement and subject to NPL approval
    – have brought adverts on cash basis for not less than three months of not less than 20 pages before they can be given a credit facility
    – declare their client base
  • Upon qualification, all advertising agencies will be required to sign a registration form and this code of conduct agreement
  • Please note that this advertising code of conduct is a legal document which can be used in the court of law
  • The document must be signed by three references one of which must be your banker


  • All advertising agencies will bring adverts on behalf of their clients with correct specifications and within set deadlines, NPL shall not be involved in the collecting of adverts where the agency gets commission from the same
  • No advert shall be booked verbally
  • All adverts should be accompanied by a purchasing order, cash, cover letter or any applicable document for booking. These documents should clearly specify the date(s) the advert is appearing, size, colour, page preferences and a signed hard copy as a guide
  • Where an advert is collected from the agency, a collection register shall be used and the agency will forfeit its commission from Nation Publications Limited

Payment & Penalties

  • All payment (for those with a credit facility) should be made within 45 calendar days from the date of invoicing
  • Late payment shall attract a penalty of 25% interest per month
  • Late payment for three consecutive months shall result in the credit facility being terminated
  • After termination of the credit facility, the advertising agency  can only reapply after six months


  • Where an advertising agency books adverts that might not be ready within the normal set deadlines, a prearrangement and agreement needs to be made with Head of Sales & Marketing or anyone appointed to act on his behalf
  • Such an advert shall not be on a preferred page
  • If the advert is not in within the agreed time, the replacement advert shall be run


  • Any queries should be made within the day of publishing otherwise NPL will not tolerate any complaints thereafter
  • NPL shall not accept an advert that runs more than once with the same error before the agency raises a complaint


  • All cancellations of adverts should be made within advertising deadlines
  • Where an advert is cancelled after deadlines, the agency will be required to give an alternative advert to replace, otherwise the advertising agency will pay for an in-house advert NPL will place

In Return  NPL shall

  • Strive to achieve your objectives and to put your interests first. We believe if you succeed, we succeed
  • Charge a fair price for the work we do on your account
  • Inform you of any rate changes 30 calendar days in advance
  • Not Increase our fees because we begin to receive large numbers of enquiries from you
  • Not intrude on your customers’ privacy both current and potential