Court grants Kalindo bail

The High Court in Zomba on Saturday granted a court order to Zomba Police Station to release Mulanje South legislator Bon Kalindo who was arrested on Friday in Machinga.

Kalindo’s lawyer Bright Theu said his client, who has been released unconditionally, was arrested on allegations of committing cyber stalking crime which involved repeatedly forwarding electronic messages that mentioned Hetherwick Ntaba as possessing human tissues.

Flashback: Kalindo (front left) captured leaving the court for prison

In reaction, Theu, who obtained the court order with other two legal officers from Parliament, said the arrest was a breach of the law as Kalindo, a parliamentarian, is immune from arrests when going, during as well as 48 hours after Parliament sessions unless it is a treason case.

“The order stipulates that if the police want to further investigate Kalindo they should serve him with summons, not arresting him for trial,” he said.

Speaking after being released, Kalindo described his detention as cruel as he spent a night in police cell without proper evidence that he committed the crime.He recalled that he was detained at Machinga Police at around 4pm, but he refused to be arrested as there was no warrant of arrest. He said Police later served him with the warrant of arrest at around 8pm and he was transferred to Zomba Police Station during the same night.

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