CSOs demand international covenants domestication

Civil society organisations (CSOs) have asked Malawi Government to domesticate international covenants that it signs and act on the recommendations the United Nation has made on the status of civil and political rights in Malawi.

The CSOs, led by Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Centre for the Development of People (Cedep), said the UN gave Malawi 24 recommendations to meet and implement within one year.

Gift Trapence
Gift Trapence

CHRR director Timothy Mtambo and Cedep director Gift Trapence warned government in an interview on Saturday that it would face civil disobedience if it will not respond to the recommendations that were highlighted by the UN.

“It is the responsibility of government to ensure that people enjoy their rights and it is our responsibility to ensure that government adheres and implements the recommendations,” said Mtambo.

He said UN Human Rights Committee commended Malawi for the adoption of prevention of domestic violence, adoption of the Child Care, Protection and Justice Act, the adoption of the Deceased Estates and the adoption of the gender equality.

“But what happens after these ratifications and adoptions? This is where we come in to monitor government,” he said.

Taking his turn, Trapence said despite the UN commending Malawi on the steps it has taken, the world body also highlighted a number of concerns, including that most of the covenants that Malawi government signs are not legislated in the country.

“It was also noted that Malawi Human Rights Commission [MHRC] is underfunded. There are also reports of extrajudicial killing, high number of reported cases of torture and worse conditions in prison,” he said.

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    CSOs and activists must mobilize more voters to register and vote. We cannot afford unnecessary re-runs, hanging election etc. That’s an invitation for trouble. You were copying at school, still copying from overseas. Be original once

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    Trepence and Mtambo you cannot grasp issues fully. I know how performed in one of classes. No country in the world is doing what you are claiming your boss USA and UK. I do not understand whether you fully understand civil disobedience and when it is required to be done. This is the problem with Malawian NGOs because it is full of half-baked or aggramatois.

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