DMI University exposes raw talent

Saturday was a day well-spent for fun-seekers who attended the DMI University talent show at Organic Gardens in Lilongwe.

The day’s programme included showcasing of talent in singing, dancing, lip-syncing, acting and  playing of instrument, among other skills.

An artist in action during the talent show

The event, an initiative by DMI University principal the Reverend Sister Ran Jacob  included established musicians Seven Omore and Eli Njuchi. The show also offered a platform for raw talent in Halogen, Rioloza, Payne, Kago and Star Wagoner.

“A talent is a thing that you are good at and can get you a good place in life. Everyone has talents, but sometimes we haven’t found them. So a talent  helps us discover our performing arts gifts,” said DMI University student president Justin Makamo

He said the talent show helps students to build their confidence.

DMI University entertainment directors Bernard Zeleza and Thandie Chaka said the event will be held twice or thrice a year.

“Events like these build team spirit and confidence among performers as they get to fight stage fright. School is not just about writing and solving maths but also developing social skills, interaction and team building,” said Zeleza.

Makomo said he was pleased with the outcome as the show exposed that the institution has good musicians within its corridors. He expressed hope that music producers and promoters will patronise subsequent shows so that they can spot raw talent. n

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