Do not commit adultery

Any sexual relationship outside marriage is committing adultery.


Out of greed, spouses have found themselves having extra marital affairs. There are others who do it because it is a spirit from their ancestors. This is termed generational curse. Such people become slaves of their own actions. They never enjoy life but are driven by the spirit of adultery and find themselves not being able to control themselves. Those ones need special help in order to come out from such behaviour. They need to be loosened and freed from such an act.

There is another group of people which gets intoxicated with the blessings of God. When money is made available to them and are driving posh cars, they undermine and look down upon their spouses and plan of having modern girls to suit what they perceive to be their modern status.

There is yet another group of people who choose to go on separation pending divorce to create room for another spouse and, in most cases, children are neglected. Self-centredness takes charge.

There is the reactive group which follows suit. This group is on the increase now.

Proverbs 5:15 and Mark 10:9 sum up God’s position on being involved intimately with anyone other than your own spouse.

Both adultery and fornication are sin before God. Respect your spouse by preserving yourself for him/her alone. Don’t commit sin because your spouse is doing it. We do not correct a situation by committing another sin, instead refrain from it, remain pure before God.

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