Dominant One’s rap list stirs a storm

The hip-hop world is at war and beef is what it is all about. While vicious rhymes and talk circulate between Jay Z and 50 Cent on the international scene, local artist have not been spared the drama.

What has brought about feud this time is a compilation of top 10 hip-hop artists by Malawian Music Awards best producer Dominant One and others on Facebook.

The unofficial Top10 has left the social network abuzz, with others trashing it as unprofessional.

The list includes Q Malewezi, Tapps, Dominant 1, Desert Eagle, Daredevils, Mo Black Beats, Sonye, Third Degree, Jonny Willz and Lemekeza Phiri.

Outspoken rapper, Jolly Bro (JB), hit back with a list of “top 10 dumbest artists in Malawi”.

In another interview, Revolver said the lists will do nothing but instigate more beef among the artists. According to Revolver, compilations of best artists should be left to the fans.

But Dominant One told On the Arts his list was not meant to incite hatred but a mere expression of feelings and opinion on the urban music scene.

He believes it’s a shame that JB and others have developed negativity towards the list.

“If he is not on the list and has a problem with it, that is just his business,” said the Lilongwe-based artist and producer.

D-One thinks that some rappers took offence because he is a force to reckon with.

“Because people are not on my list they think that they are not good enough. It was just my opinion,” he said.

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