DPP, it’s time to change course

The surfacing of a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) pressure group, with the sole aim of fighting for good governance from within the party, is a clear indication that the DPP-led government is steering the nation in a wrong direction.

The concerns that have led to the formation of the pressure group have, for a long time, been raised by civil society organisations, the Church, media and ordinary citizens; only to attract arrogance from the party.

Past experience has also shown that dissenting voice from within the party is a recipe for dismissal; hence, the likes of Vice-President Joyce Banda, Mzimba West MP Khumbo Kachali and Blantyre East Member of Parliament Henry Phoya were kicked out of the party for choosing to differ with the views of other members of the party.

Now that 30 of the party’s MPs have decided to rise in form of a pressure group, one hopes that the party will listen to the voice of reason and head for the right path.

The reality on the ground is that Malawians have suffered for a long time. Many are disappointed whereas some are angry with leaders who seem to show little concern about the misery of the voters that put them in power.

When will this government listen that Malawians have had enough of the suffering?

It is about time the DPP government ate a humble pie, accept failure and change course so that the country goes back to its days of glory when economic boom was the order of the day and citizens did not have to scramble for necessary commodities such as fuel, forex or medical drugs.

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