Dzinkambani not officially fired

Silver Strikers have not yet issued letters of termination of service to its fired technical staff; head coach Dan Dzinkambani, his assistant Meke Mwase and team manager Mike Chirwa.


A month and half have elapsed since Silver announced that the three had been suspended. The team’s general secretary Owen Munthali announced the news of Dzinkambani’s firing on December 6.

But in an interview on Friday, Dzinkambani said the only letter he has is the notification of suspension.

“We are all in the dark as to what our fate is. I only got a letter notifying me of my suspension two weeks ago. But I’m yet to be officially communicated to about my firing,” said Dzinkambani.

The three were suspended by the club on November 5 following the team’s inconsistent performance.

Immediately after their suspension, they were replaced by senior players, Itaye Nundwe, Sibusiso Padambo and Hellings Mwakasungura, who are still in charge of the team.

But in an interview yesterday, Munthali could not give reasons as to why the club has not yet issued letters of termination to the fired coaches.

“The issue has become very sensitive and I would not be comfortable to give reasons. The chairperson [McDonald Mafuta-Mwale] and the board chairperson Kelvin M’mangisa are better placed to comment as they are the ones handling the issue,” said Munthali.

He, however, maintained that the firing of the three was an executive decision.

“It was a decision unanimously reached after an executive meeting. It was agreed that the three should be fired. The topic now is very sensitive. I cannot say anymore as I do not know anything,” said Munthali.

Both Mafuta-Mwale and M’mangisa could not be reached on their phones.

However, Dzinkambani expressed gratitude that he is still receiving his monthly salary and that the club is also taking care of his rent.

“We are just waiting but the club has so far been fulfilling its contractual obligations and I am grateful for that. I will come back to you when everything has been finalised,” he said.

This is not the first time for the club to fire Dzinkambani. He also got the boot in July but was later reinstated until November 5.

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