Expert warns dry sex spreading HIV

Dry sex as a result of poor communication skills and sex education among couples can lead to high HIV infections, a community mobilisation officer in the Safe Motherhood Project has said.

Timothy Bonyonga told Nico Life Insurance Company Limited workers on World Aids Day yesterday that in the quest to achieve zero HIV infections, married couples should open up to each other to have a more satisfying sexual life.

testing-hiv“Most married women and men do not enjoy sex in their marriages because they do not know how to please each other or touch each other to prepare for satisfying sex,” he said at the HIV and Aids open day Nico Life Insurance organised for its staff in Blantyre yesterday.

Bonyonga said when couples have fulfilling sexual life, chances of one partner straying for other sexual encounters are minimised. Sexual intercourse is a leading HIV transmitter.

He also sensitised Nico Life Insurance staff to their role in cultural transformation so that Malawi can have productive citizens. Top on the tips was empowerment of women as a tool to enable the girl child to make informed decisions about her sexuality.

Gerald Chima, Nico Life Insurance’s chief financial officer, pledged the company’s commitment to support HIV and Aids fight in Malawi.

He said: “As a company, we are affected by the pandemic in one way or the other through our staff. When one of our staff is sick or their relative is sick, we lose out on productivity. That is why this pandemic affects us all and we will continue to support these initiatives. We are in this fight together.”

One of the participants, Dorothy Kodo, hailed Bonyonga’s presentation, saying it gave insights into a lot of sexual topics that are not openly discussed in public forums.

HIV national prevalence rate has been reduced from 14 percent in 2004 to 10.6 percent, according to the National Aids Commission (NAC).

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