Faith Mussa campaigns against child marriage

Musician Faith Mussa, as World Vision Malawi (WVM) ambassador, has recorded a song titled Anawa to sensitise the public in ending child marriage.

Mussa performed the song in Mzimba on Saturday during the regional launch of the It Takes Malawi to End Child Marriage Campaign.

Mussa: The message will inspire more girls to return to school

Amid the performance, Mussa said he recorded the song after hearing a true-life story of a girl who left marriage for school.

“She shared her moving story to me and this inspired me to write a song. I think the message will inspire more girls to return to school,” he said.

Tiwatetedze anawa/ufulu wawo tisaononge/nawo adzakhale nzika zabwino zodalilika,” goes the song.

In an interview, Mussa said he is using music to reach out to the masses whom he wouldn’t meet physically in raising awareness against child marriage.

“Music crosses borders. It goes to places where we as musicians don’t even go. That’s why I accepted this role in contributing to efforts in ending child marriages.

“So, I am incorporating messages against child marriages into my songs. These are the songs I am using in sensitising masses against the malpractice,” he said.

Mussa encouraged fellows artists to use music for a good purpose as they have the power to effect change in society.

Mussa’s manager Sam Chiwaka said they are in the process of shooting a video for the song.

 World Vision director of programmes Charles Chimombo said the campaign seeks to raise awareness on child marriage and ensure that all World Vision programmes are streamlined towards ending child marriage.

“Child marriage is a catastrophe. It is a hidden epidemic. If it is not well responded to, it will lead to serious issues that jeorpadise girls’ future survival, health and education,” he said.

In Malawi, one in every three girls are married before turning 18.

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