Fake notes make their way to church

Members of the Ndirande Kachere CCAP congregation were on Sunday warned against offering fake K500 notes by newly elected pledge treasurer Thomas Gondwe.

Speaking when taking oath of office, Gondwe said there is a tendency by some people to offer fake K500 notes.

“Who do you cheat? Mind you, that money is counted here and announced to the congregation but during cross checking we find out much of the money is fake.

“Let’s learn to be faithful before God whom we serve,” he said.

Gondwe said as pledge treasurer, his duty was not to police people to give but rather remind them of their pledge to God during time of baptism as Christians.

The moderator of the congregation, Reverend Enos Muhiwa, appealed to the congregation to support the treasurer as they had been doing in the past.

“The money we offer here is for development projects and if we don’t give it means we deny ourselves development. Let us give to the development of our church,” said Rev Muhiwa.

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