FAM advertises Flames coaching job

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has finally advertised the post of Flames coach which is open to both locals and expatriates.

Unlike the case with Belgian Ronny Van Geneugden (RVG), who secured the job without FAM advertising the post and was hired because he was the most affordable, this time the football governing body is looking for a coach with a track record.

RVG’s two-year contract was not renewed

According to the vacancy, FAM has targeted Confederation of African Football (CAF) A Licence holders or those with its equivalent such as Uefa or Fifa Pro.

While RVG was mandated to introduce a new philosophy complete with a style of play but had no clear targets, FAM this time wants the new coach to improve the level of performance of the team technically, tactically, mentally, physically and psychologically, according to the vacancy.

FAM president Walter Nyamilandu yesterday said in an interview that the new coach will also have to introduce his own style.

“The new coach will be given the flexibility to introduce his own style of play and management of the national team under the strategic guidance of FAM.

“It is important that the coach is given autonomy to execute his duties so that we can optimise his expertise and not stifle his performance,” he said.

FAM also wants the coach to have good knowledge of Malawi, African and international football and should have a clear measurable plan of leading the Flames to success using the available resources at his disposal.

“In this vein, he will be given an opportunity to appoint his backroom staff which includes assistant coaches, trainer, goalkeeper trainer,” he said.

The FAM boss said coaches that have been mentored by RVG will be up for selection as the new coach’s assistants.

“All these coaches that have been groomed and mentored by RVG will be made available for the new coach for consideration, including any other capable coaches,” he said

Soccer analyst Charles Nyirenda applauded FAM , saying the vacancy gives the association a choice to pick the best among those that will apply, unlike in RVG’s case when the post was not advertised.

“To me, it looks like it will be a very transparent way to appoint a new coach. It also shows that the coach will be given clearly stated key performance indicators,” he said.

Mwase said he is yet to decide on whether to apply or not for the job.

“I will decide. Let me finish the assignment I have here at Cosafa Cup,” he said in aninterview.

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