First Lady tours burnt Daughters of Wisdom Convent


First Lady Gertrude Mutharika on Friday toured Daughters of Wisdom Convent which was burnt down by fire on September 11.

During the tour the First Lady appreciated the damage caused by the fire and thanked God that no life was lost during the incident.

The First Lady (L) shares a light moment with a nurse
The First Lady (L) shares a light moment with a nurse

Mutharika also donated relief items to the convent to help them hold their faith and get along regardless of the tragedy.

“I have seen the place and the damage that the fire caused, but we need to thank God that no life was lost. I have seen the mighty God working upon this accident. It was possible for one or two lives to be lost but no life was lost. We should thank God for that,” she said.

She also commended the work Daughters of Wisdom contribute to the community around them.

Added Mutharika: “I came here to let you know that we acknowledge the work that you do here. Some of you are nurses and others teachers. The work that you do brings change to the community and we are thankful for that.”

Provincial superior for Daughters of Wisdom Sister Mary Chimalizeni thanked the First Lady for relieving the convent from the challenge they were facing.

Chimalizeni said: “I am very thankful that you have come and helped us during this time. We did not realise that the First Lady can recognise our work and spare time to come visit us.”

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