Forest by-law to improve catchment areas

Catchment area management interventions are expected to improve in Salima following the development of a forest by-law.

 Presenting the law’s preliminary outcomes to Salima District Council, district forestry officer Adam Jason said the by-law has gathered enough information with emphasis on managing the district’s degraded catchment areas.

Members of the task force during preliminary presentations

He said: “We are optimistic that this by-law will assist Salima in sustaining its catchment areas. There are a number of illegal operations that render our catchment areas prone to degradation”.

“All poor agricultural operations, including cultivation of crops along river banks have been attached with fines and penalties to bar members of the society from such malpractices.”

In his remarks, Salima district land resource management officer Gift Majawa said the by-law will help in improving land use by community members.

Citing improvement of soil cover through establishment of village forest areas as stipulated in the by-law, Majawa said land degradation will be a thing of the past.

Illegal charcoal productiona nd killing of wild animals are some of the highlighted regulated acts in the by-law.

The by-laws were developed with financial assistance from Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO).n

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