Former players vow to embarrass Silver

After landing Big Bullets FC a humiliating 1-0 defeat at Escom ground in Malawi’s commercial city, Blantyre, a few weeks ago, Former football stars have vowed to continue embarrassing Super League teams as they face Silver Strikers in another fund-raising match at Silver Stadium in the capital, Lilongwe, on Monday.

Nelson Mphande, administration officer for the newly formed Former Players Association of Malawi, on Sunday urged soccer fans to throng the Stadium to watch scintillating football as the old guards are set to give a dose of soccer lessons to the Bankers.

“We might look old on the pitch, but our legs are as fresh as they were during our prime days. We want the fans to differentiate between old and latest styles of football,” Mphande said.

He said soccer lovers will pay K100 ($0.60) each at the gates to watch the game whose main aim is to raise funds for the plight of former players most of whom are living miserable lives after their retirement from active soccer.

He added that Dunga Mkandawire, who nodded in the lone goal against Bullets, will be on the line-up alongside other ex-soccer greats such as Bob and Albert Mpinganjira, McDonald Yobe, Ojukwu Malunga, Billiat ‘Angelezi’ Mkwapatira, Sherry Msuku, James Chimera Jnr, Afiki Sikelo, Joseph Gatros and Weston Chifutwe.

Other ex-players geared to set Lilongwe ablaze with exciting dribbles and dexterous passes are Francis Songo, Amos Nkosana, Sydney Chingeni, Stort Chirwa and Harvey Banda.

Apart from improving their welfare, the former players, who used the national team bus for their Lilongwe trip, would also like to use the money for other purposes such as HIV and Aids awareness, community health and sanitation.

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