Free, fair polls critical, Wolrec tells Neno voters


Women’s Legal Resource Centre (Wolrec) has told voters in Neno District that free and fair elections play a critical role in democratic transitions and encouraging political liberalisation.

Neno Wolrec Women Enhanced Active Citizenship and Economic Empowerment project officer Facio Gavern said this in the district on Saturday during a voter civic education financed by Dan Church Aid.

He said his organisation believes that for an election to be successful and democratic, communities must understand their rights and responsibilities, be knowledgeable and well informed during voting process.

Part if civic and voter education activity in Neno

Gavern said voter and civic education enhances free and fair elections which play a critical role in increasing national stability and prosperity.

“Voter and civic education are even more critical in post-conflict times where political situations may be volatile. It can be critical in enhancing women’s participation in elections because they have traditionally not played an active role in the electoral process,” he said.

Gavern appealed to those involved in voter and civic education to convey information that is gender-sensitive and designed to be relevant to women to enhance their participation in the electoral process.

Traditional Authority Dambe said Wolrec has given the electorate required information to cast their votes without challenges.

He called on communities to use the information for the intended purpose to reduce null and void votes.

“We must commend the organisation for coming up with this initiative. It will really help the people to know how to vote,” he said.

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