Greselder Jeffrey

Governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary general (SG), I would appreciate that my declaration that Alliance for Democracy (Aford) leadership or the Northern Region will never produce a president to rule the country was unfortunate, discriminatory and careless.
If I were Jeffrey, I would realise that such blatant regionalism and tribalism can breed tension and distrust. Therefore, I, as the chief executive officer of the ruling party, would need to be careful about what I say when I am on the political podium.
Oh yes, if I were the DPP secretary general, I would realise that being a governing party SG is not the same as being a leader of a pamtondo club, banki mukhonde (village bank) or a WhatsApp group administrator. I would, therefore, tone down and stop being overzealous every time I grab a microphone.
Yes madam, instead of attacking leaders from other political parties, I would use political rallies to sell my party’s political agenda in the countdown to the 2019 General Elections.
That is if only I were the outspoken Jeffrey wa Jeffrey from Nkhotakota. Unfortunately, I am not  Greselder Jeffrey. n

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