Gwamba dates Zanzi

Lilongwe-based up-and-coming artist Gwamba will on January 28 hold a mixtape pre-launch show at the city’s hottest club Zanzi.

The Kwacha Chaser artist has organised the show to promote mixtape Ghetto Attitude.

“With this show I want my fans to become more familiar with the mixtape before the actual launch. I am appealing to all my fans to come and support me,” said Gwamba.

The show is expected to host some of Malawi’s top local artists including DJ Sley, Hurricane, Physics, Petite Boiz and Mabilinganya, among others.

He explained: “Some of these are my good friends and we have always been there for each other. Originally, I am a member of the Petitie Boiz but went solo for this mixtape so it is no surprise that they are there for me.

“The others are well known artists and I know they will bring the crowd to the show.”

He dares the nation to watch him as he makes it big in the music industry.

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