Gwanda is my all time actor!

Good meaning Republicans, bring on the champagne and let us toast to one Gwandanguluwe Chakuamba at his due award for his drama role on the Malawian stage!

Bring out the stereo and play me some intoxicating tune!

For so long, I have had a big battle within myself on which actor I would, given a chance, vote the best of all time. Now I have a clue.

Here sprouts one actor who without even setting foot on stage darts to the fore of the queue of contestants to the crown and claims the prize.

Here is one whole lucky guy who has spent a considerable part of his time atop the echelons of our hard-to-get-to political dining table, now telling the world he feels neglected and needs special care. Special care my foot!

That he is old and along the line when he needs much care is very on point.

That he cannot even afford to pay rentals is a serious point of concern for everyone given that he is a highly recognised servant who once held positions as good as Member of Parliament, Minister and Second Vice President.

But what should even be more concerning is that one feels he had a better chance than many Malawians languishing today to gather pennies with which to put together a place to lay his head when the sun sets.

Now he feels ‘neglected’ by the system.

He must even wonder if ‘unthankful Malawians’ have the words ‘love’ or ‘appreciation’ in their vocabulary.

Retired leaders need our respect. But what is it they can at least do for themselves?

My good brothers and sisters in Malawi’s poorly paying art circles, here is one classic example before us. While the sun shines, may hay!

Invest that little coin you can force yourself to spare.

Today could be harsh and you may fall short of many things because the salary is meagre, yes.

But who knows, tomorrow could be harsher and that sinew you pull with through hard times today could be too old to savage your way!


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