Handling marital differences (3)

It takes a brave man and woman to stand up to correct such a situation. The two partners should make up their minds to resolve the issues surrounding them and continue with the beautiful life God has given them.

As you choose to take this decision of correcting the situation which the devil is in control of, you should first of all pray that God should take charge of your situation. Seek forgivenss from your spouse for whatever misunderstandings taking place in your relationship.

This forgiveness is for creating an atmosphere of discussions. Let your spouse say whatever has caused him/her the pain. Listen attentively as your spouse is opening up. After this opening up, apologise to your spouse for causing them pain. Then, it’s your turn to also pour out your heart.

Give yourselves time for self-reflection and confess before God what one feels they have done wrong. Now, seek God’s forgiveness and ask your spouse to forgive you.

Hold hands and pray together for love, unity, oneness and seal your relationship with the blood of Jesus.

Making the decision to reunite and forgive each other as a couple brings back life, hope and security to the innocent children born from that wedlock.

They are also the shareholders of that family and should be considered seriously as decisions are being made. Though they are silent onlookers, their minds are tortured, their performance is greatly affected and their attitude towards life becomes negative.

This has a lasting effect on the children as they grow up.

A true Christian can change, for God makes it possible through a spiritual renewal. (read 2 Corinthians 5:17)

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