Ian Chisekula makes movie debut

A new movie, Virginity Policy, produced by Ian Chisekula and Harold Chimangansasa is set for premiere on June 1 at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe.

Virginity Policy is a film about a young woman who is facing opposition from a royal family she is betrothed to and from her parents in her quest to marry a prince.

One of the scenes in the movie

Chisekula, speaking in an interview yesterday, said while the production adds to the number of films made in Malawi in an effort to build the industry, the movie is a milestone for the country.

Virginity Policy has a storyline that has an impact on problems that are faced by a young love. It shares the common problem parents inflict on children they foster.

“I believe this is one of the best films in Malawi and I hope it will not disappoint. Let people, including children, come in large numbers to watch this all-inclusive family entertainment that suits all age groups,” he said.

Chisekula added that the film, which runs for 138 minutes, will go to Malawians after the premiere in Lilongwe.

“We want people to appreciate the talent that fellow Malawians have. Many people are already asking us as to where we would premiere the movie after Lilongwe. We are operating without any funding and so, if funds permit we will take it to all regions,” he said.

The cast has Mirriam Phiri who featured in Shemu Joyah’s The Road to Sunrise as Lubia, Edwin Chonde who was the president in The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, as king of Hasilia. Others are Chimangansasa, Tiza Gondwe, Ruth Chisekula and Thokozire Maunde.

Currently, a three-minute trailer of the movie is enjoying massive response on social media.

“This is very outstanding. It’s time for Malawi to forge ahead with talents like these,” commented Ismail Juneja on the trailer posted on Facebook by Chisekula.

However, there are concerns with the trailer as some scenes as well as soundtracks are synonymous with Nigerian movies.

But Chisekula said people are having those sentiments because the movie is of high quality and the soundtracks are original.

“Many people do not believe this movie has been done in Malawi because of its quality and the way actors are performing and they think it is a Nigerian movie. This makes me happy because Nollywood is already ahead of us and to match their standards is a bonus to us,” he said.

This is the first movie by Chisekula who is experienced in stage plays.

As a veteran theatre guru who once served as president for National Theatre Association of Malawi (Ntam), he has written a number of plays including The Footsteps of the First Lady that featured the famous Nigerian actor Desmond Elliott when he came to Malawi in 2010.

He also directed Another Chance, a play that featured Patience Ozokwor, a Nigerian film queen when she came to Malawi in 2012.

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