If I were Emmanuel Fabiano

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, I would realise that pushing the issue of the closure of Chancellor College to the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, as I did in Parliament last week, paints the picture that I am not in control.

If I were Fabiano, I would appreciate that when I appear to have no clue how to address the problem at an institution which falls under my ministry, it shows that I have no reason to continue being a minister.

Oh yes, your honour, as rightly observed by several members of Parliament, I would restrain myself from giving the impression that my government and I do not care about the welfare of the students.

Yes,  olemekezeka, I would realise that when an institution of higher learning shuts down for about two months, as a minister responsible, I should take the lead in finding solutions.

How I wish I were Fabiano! Under the circumstances, I would be expected to honourably step down. I would stop doing business as usual while innocent students are being denied their right to education.

Unfortunately, I am not Fabiano, but a  poor scribe.

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