If I were: Peter Mutharika

President of the Republic of Malawi, I would draw positives from criticism levelled against my government by the Public Affairs Committee (PAC).

If I were the President, surely I would realise that to write off my critics and accuse PAC of harbouring political ambitions is unfortunate and irrelevant.

Oh yes, APM, it does not require a rocket scientist to realise that the levels of poverty have been deepening among the ordinary Malawians during my rule.

How I wish I were APM as I would realise that challenging watchdog organisations, such as PAC, to dare me and my Democratic Progressive party (DPP) at the 2019 polls, should not be coming from the whole Head of State. Rather, that stuff should be left to regional governors-the likes of Charles ‘Chikoti cha Utsi’ Mchacha, Dini Josaya-Banda and Kenneth ‘WaKumpoto” Sanga.

That is if I were my President that is APM, but I am not the gentleman of the ‘Nyapapi’ fame.

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