Illiteracy is enemy of spirituality, prosperity, says BT Synod GS


General secretary of the CCAP Blantyre Synod, Reverend Alex Maulana, has said there is need to fight illiteracy, describing it as a ‘serious enemy’ of spirituality and prosperity in the country.

Reverend Maulana made the remarks in Mulanje when Southminster Presbyterian Church of the United States of America handed over dormitories and a dining hall, worth K560 million, the US church has constructed at Saint Andrews Mission Secondary School.

“We consider illiteracy as a vice that hampers progress of spirituality and prosperity in the country. That is why Blantyre Synod takes education as one of its key priorities. This has been like that since the 1870s when early missionaries contributed significantly to the development of education in Malawi.

“Transformation, empowerment and self-reliance cannot be achieved without having an educated society,” he said.

Delegates tour the new school hostels

Maulana said it was for the same reason that Blantyre Synod has established over 65 early childhood development centres (ECDs), 280 primary schools, four mission secondary schools, one grant-aided secondary school, 33 community day secondary schools and a nursing school.

Resident pastor for Saint Andrews Mission, Reverend Brino Chipewa, said the school has embarked on an expansion drive, hence asked the synod to intervene by requesting Eastern Produce Estate to donate more land to the school after the estate had already offered part of its idle land.

“The mission secondary school has great potential for growth. We appreciate what Eastern Produce did by permitting the church to erect one of its structures within the estate.

“At the moment, the school needs more teachers’ houses, classrooms and hostels, but the problem is space. It is, therefore, our humble request that, you the Synod moderator should assist us to acquire more land from the estate,” said Chipewa.

Saint Andrews Mission board chairperson Anold Kadziponye said the school, which opened its doors in 2013, has 300 learners with a good exam pass rate as last academic year all Junior Certificate of Education examination candidates passed while 88 percent passed the Malawi School Certificate of Education examinations. n

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