In support of the visa idea!


Republicans, why do we usually think so lowly of ourselves to the detriment of our personal or national growth?

Look here, if we are not begging for maize on the world stage, we are busy thinking of other nations as the ones with the prime hand in the development of our nation.

I have recently followed with a frown and anguish the very pity of our worsening slavish mentality.

Why do we think that while we get slapped with visa requirements when sneaking into overblown delegations to America, or as we hobble to places far wide for specialist healthcare, those coming into our country to swim or open funny businesses must never think of obtaining a visa.

Proponents of this line of thought want to convince you that Malawi’s ambition of pegging a visa to other entry requirements is a fierce scare to tourists and the jackpot they bring about.

It is being told how a tourist asked to obtain this country’s visa will forego Malawi’s political stability, beautiful lakes, electrifying mountain climbs and the nation’s warm cultured people for other tourist destinations.

To say the least, such thinking is shallow. Decolonise your mind and consider how our soft immigration procedures and porous borders have let in unscrupulous visitors.

Our immigration system actually needs reworking and one way is through that visa. We need to have tighter checks on who crosses the border into the country.

For me, the idea of a visa is only unsettling to minds that always think lowly of Malawi. Such people are so colonised in their minds they think that visas are for a superior world out there.

Republicans, it is high time we changed our spectacles and adjusted to ceasing opportunities.

For decades, we have looked down upon that Malawian singer, actor, sculptor, barber, grocer, teacher or teacher.

We have elevated other nations before our own.

This must change and we must defeat the fear of the unknown for it only eats into chances.

So, bring that visa on! n

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